Thursday, January 5, 2012

for Balapan tv company

kid tv programm intro video

my job:

3d animation, 3d modeling, composing in Fusion & After Effect.

for Nestea company

juice company

my job:

3d animation, 3d material editing and creating, 3d modeling, video editing

for LG Company

video name - LG Spring

video for spring sales

my job:

chroma keying, cloth simulation, creation of grass, video editing

for IMANALI computer technics program

my job:

After Effect animation of logo and picture appearing, 3d modeling of notebooks, animation

Sunday, April 24, 2011

for Beeline mobile company

mobile connection company video

my job:

3d animation, cloth simulation, video editing & composing

for Derbess beer company

my job:

creating liquid in RealFlow 5.0, video composing in After Effects & Fusion, 3d modeling background trees & grass & animating.

for LG company

my job:

chroma keying, 3d modeling, 3d animation, video editing & composing

name of the video - Mothers school (Мамина школа)

Kid TV programm

my job:

3d modeling, 3d animating by using 3ds max Reactor, video composing & editing

for RFCA (Regional Financial Centre of Almaty

video for RFCA company

3d modeling, 3d animation, camera mapping to animate the pictures, video editing & composing, colour correction, post production


VIDEO for energy drink company